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Johnny's Pump & Well Service


About Us

Johnny's Pump & Well Services has been taking care of Southeast Louisiana for over 35 years. We take pride in our quick response time for our customers' emergency calls day or night from being out of water to busted water lines. Everyone deserves to have running water at their home and it is a great feeling to provide that to our customers. With the growing concern of the contaminated city water and pollutions of our land affecting our water wells, we are very passionate when it comes to providing the cleanest drinking water possible.


Water Wells

New well drilling

Well Servicing

Well Inspections

Flow Wells

Water Pumps

New pump installation

Existing pump service and repair

Existing pump maintenance

Shallow Well Pumps

Deep Well Pumps

Submergible Pumps

Water Filters

Whole house water purificaiton filters

New installs and maintenance

& More!

Septic & Drain line Cleanout

Water heater servicing

Garbage disposal servicing

Kitchen & Bathroom faucets

Water line repair

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Give us a call today! 985-507-6831

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